Facial Oils 2

Love your skin as nature intended

Natural essential facial oilsRevitalise your skin and give it some tender loving care with one of our specially hand blended facial oils. Using only the best natural ingredients and taking advantage of the powerful rejuvenating, beautifying, soothing and anti-aging properties of botanicals, we’ve created luxurious blends to achieve the best possible results to suit your specific skin type.

Carefully blended by us, they’re easy to apply, absorbed quickly, 100% natural and packed with goodness and they’ll leave your skin rejuvenated, refreshed, soft and glowing.

Your skin is unique and one size does not fit all! Choose the oil that is best suited for you. If you’re new to facial oils and want to find out more about how they can rebalance your skin and give it a wonderful boost, why not read our guide to discover ‘the beauty of facial oils’.

Facial Oils

Skin Loving

It’s not just your face that will benefit from the moisture rich properties of our beautifying facial oils, they can be used for other areas too;

  • Massage into your décolletage (neck and chest)
  • Rub a few drop into your cuticles, nails and hands
  • Moisturise Elbows & knees
  • Pamper your feet by massaging some oil to soften dry skin