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Home Loving Botanical Essential Oil
Candles, Diffusers & Room Mist


Enjoy the many benefits of essential oils with our natural collection of handmade, high quality, soy wax candles, diffusers and room mists to fill your home or office with natures aromatic & botanical essences.

Essential oils used regularly have therapeutic effects on the way we feel. Each of our 7 pure, high grade blends are individually selected to target emotional wellbeing to balance your mind and spirit… we know you will love them!

Discover the right essential oil blend to suit your mood….

Energising Candle, Diffuser & Room MistEnergising
Invigorate & Rejuvenate

Encourage a clear mind for motivation and positivity with this powerful infusion

Exotic Candle, Diffuser & Room MistExotic
Sweet & Tranquil

Relax and lift your mood with these comforting tropical aromas

Refreshing Candle, Diffuser & Room MistRefreshing
Revives & Stimulates

Boost your mood, increase energy and relieve stress with this vibrant mix

Romantic Candle, Diffuser & Room MistRomantic
Light & Fresh

Give yourself a boost of natural happiness and joy with this subtle floral fragrance

Soothing Candle, Diffuser & Room MistSoothing
Calming & Relaxing

Ease feelings of tension and promote restful sleep with this calming blend

Uplifting Candle, Diffuser & Room MistUplifting
Enhances Mood & Serenity

Promote optimism and inspiration with this feel good sweet citrus boost

Zesty Candle, Diffuser & Room MistZesty
Energises & Revitalises

Help reduce stress and awaken your senses with this zingy fragrance