Our story

Growing the business

Rebecca Gill

With a background in sales and marketing, Rebecca thrives on helping people discover new products that they will love. She was instantly enchanted by the oils and fragrances of the Elli & Tish products when she met Hilary some time ago.

It was through this time of hustle, bustle, and being a mum to two teenage children that Rebecca learned the importance of making time to take care of oneself, how a little sensory indulgence and self-care is so critical, and how the right sensory stimulation can make all the difference to how one feels.

Rebecca worked with Hilary and Pat on the Elli & Tish range for more than a year before taking on the business to move it into a new growth phase. She already runs her own care business, Trinity Life Care, through which she and her team provide care services to people in Sussex. If we can help you with care for you or your loved ones then please do get in touch.

Together, these businesses bring together Rebecca’s twin joys of looking after people and helping them discover ways to better look after themselves and the ones they love.

Our founders

Hilary Ellis & Pat Ungless

Hilary is a professional Complementary Therapist, Aromatherapist, Wellbeing & Holistic Medium. Exploring the art of transition.

Pat is an experienced Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, and Coach. Using the wonderful natural power of solution focussed hypnotherapy combined with the logic of NLP helps solve a problem effectively and quickly, allowing you and your children to make changes in the present for a better future.

The creative bit

As an Aromatherapist, Hilary had been using essential oils for many years and increasing demand
from clients for really natural and effective oils meant the seed of an idea was sown. So began
many hours together in the kitchen blending oils and searching for the right consistency, the best
base oils, the best fragrance, and the precise percentage of essential oils for optimum results.

Why use essential oils?

Because of course, they’re natural, because they’re tried and tested over thousands of years and because they have so many great properties and benefits. Oh and because their aromas are amazing too!

Also, they…

  • are a safe alternative for you and your family
  • are envronmentally-friendly
  • promote physical and emtional well-being

In other words, essential oils are nature’s perfect solution to the problems that many chemicals, poor nutrition, and stress have added to our lives. For the best results and benefits from essential oils, pure high-grade oils must be used not ones that have been adulterated (diluted or mixed with synthetic compounds or other chemicals) as they can reduce the optimum effects and may be harmful to your body.

And that’s why we created our own.