Botanical Candle

Exotic Botanical Candle Vanilla Coconut Palmarosa Blackpepper

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EXOTIC, 100% Natural Vanilla, Coconut, Palmarosa & Black Pepper Botanical Candle Sweet & Tranquil


Exotic Botanical Candle

Vanilla, Coconut, Palmarosa, Blackpepper

Enjoy the scent of a tropical paradise, with hints of fresh aromas to relax & lift mood, with an elegant touch of warm spice.

Every individual scented candle has been lovingly hand blended with nature’s finest scents and essential oils together with long burning eco-friendly Soy wax, releasing only natural goodness into the air.

All our botanical candles will burn and infuse your room with gorgeous aroma for up to 60hrs.
Even when the candles are unlit the fragrance will continue to surround you and fill your home.

Handmade in the UK
Only tested on us, friends & family. Certified cruelty free – UK & EU approved

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Soy wax, clean burning coreless natural fibre wick, Vanilla, Coconut, Palmarosa & Black Pepper essential oils – and nothing else!


200ml, glass recyclable