Invigorate & Rejuvenate


Energising Botanical Wax Melt Starter Kit

Lavender & Peppermint

Bring the natural aroma of a bouquet of flowers into your home. Immerse yourself in this subtle floral fragrance, giving you a boost of natural happiness.
Every individual scented wax melt has been lovingly hand-blended with nature’s finest scents and essential oils together with long-lasting eco-friendly Soy wax, releasing only natural goodness into the air.

All our botanical wax melts will infuse your room with a gorgeous aroma.
Even when the wax melts are solid the fragrance will continue to surround you and fill your home.

The kit includes ceramic oil melter, 4 tea-light candles, and a bag of energising melts

This product does not qualify for “Low-cost shipping for Wax Melts only” shipping due to the weight of all the great products enclosed

Handmade in the UK
Only tested on us, friends & family. Certified cruelty free – UK & EU approved